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Multi Axis Multi Point Vibration Shaker

  • Air-spring isolation design
  • Automatic static and dynamic armature centering.
  • Hydro-static integration vibration coupling technology.
  • Equal moving elements mass in each axis
  • Large displacement, small interfering with each other axis.
  • Integration design, shakers are mounted on a base.
  • Shakers, amplifiers, oil suppliers, gas source are protected through linked action.

In various industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, and manufacturing, the reliability and performance of products are critical factors. To ensure that these products can withstand real-world conditions, extensive testing and analysis are conducted during the design and development stages. One important aspect of this testing process is evaluating the response of the product to vibration, which simulates the dynamic environment it may encounter in its operational life. This is where multi-axis vibration shakers play a crucial role.

Multi-axis vibration shakers are advanced testing systems that are designed to subject products to multidirectional vibrations. Unlike single-axis shakers that can only generate vibrations in one direction at a time, multi-axis shakers can simulate vibrations in multiple axes simultaneously, providing a more realistic representation of the actual vibration profiles experienced by products in the field. These shakers are capable of producing complex motion patterns, including combinations of translational, rotational, and angular vibrations.

The primary objective of using a multi-axis vibration shaker is to replicate the real-world dynamic conditions that a product may encounter. This allows manufacturers to evaluate its structural integrity, durability, and performance under various operating conditions. By subjecting the product to multidirectional vibrations, engineers can assess its response in terms of stress, fatigue, resonance, and potential failure modes. This information is crucial for identifying design weaknesses and making necessary improvements before the product is released to the market.

Multi-axis vibration shakers are equipped with sophisticated control systems that enable precise manipulation of the vibration parameters. These systems allow engineers to define and replicate vibration profiles based on specific standards or custom requirements. The shakers can generate a wide range of frequencies, amplitudes, and waveforms to accurately simulate various operating conditions. Additionally, advanced monitoring and data acquisition capabilities provide real-time feedback on the product's response to vibrations, facilitating comprehensive analysis and evaluation.

In conclusion, multi-axis vibration shakers are essential tools for product testing and validation in industries that require robust and reliable performance. By subjecting products to multidirectional vibrations, these shakers enable engineers to assess their response under realistic operating conditions. The ability to replicate complex motion patterns and control vibration parameters with precision allows for accurate evaluation of structural integrity, durability, and performance. Ultimately, the insights gained from multi-axis vibration testing assist in enhancing product quality, reducing failure risks, and improving customer satisfaction.

ModelMax. Working FreqHz)Sine ForcekN)(Per. Axis)Random ForcekNrms)(Per.Axis)Max. Vel.m/s)
Note: The letter (H, M or L) in the system model means the size of the working table. 
H:Working Table Size is smaller than 500mm×500mm 
M:Working Table Size is larger than 500mm×500mm, but smaller than 800mm×800mm
L:Working Table Size is larger than 800mm×800mm

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