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Thermal Vacuum Test Chamber

  • Heat sink temperature range: -70~150℃
  • Working pressure: ≤1.3×10-3Pa
  • Ultimate pressure: ≤5×10-5Pa
  • Widely used in the aerospace industry
  • Can provide a vacuum degree of more than 10-3Pa
  • Can achieve the simulation of the cold and black environment,
  • The temperature control bottom plate can shorten the temperature stabilization time
  • The temperature measurement system can accomplish the data monitoring and recording during the test process.
800 Series1000 Seies1200 Series
Temperature Performance Parameters
Heat Sink Temperature Range-70~150
Base Plate Temperature Range-70~150
Heat Sink Average Temperature Change Rate℃/min≥2
Base Plate Average Temperature Change Rate℃/min≥2
Heat Sink Temperature Uniformity±2±3
Base Plate Temperature Uniformity±2±3
Pressure Performance Parameters
Ultimate PressurePa≤5×10-5
Working PressurePa≤1.3×10-3
Main Pump Pumping Timeh5
Simulate Loadskg101520
Main Pump
Low temperature pump
Oil Pump
High and low temperature magnetic pump
Backing Pump
Rotary vane pump + roots pump
Refrigeration Method
Mechanical cascade refrigeration (liquid nitrogen-assisted refrigeration)


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