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Vibration System Power Amplifier

  • Newest MOSFET technology
  • Output power from 5kVA to 500kVA
  • High reliability, long service life
  • Variety of protection and the linkage signal interlock
  • Designed for electro-dynamic vibrator, the power amplifier includes the power supply of filed coil, blower and oil pump of slip table. Modular design, convenience combination, and can match any shakers from other manufacturers.

  • Switching frequency up to 100 kHz and above. Higher switching frequency will reduce the size of filter component and the weight of amplifier, makes the amplifiers more reliable, and has small waveform distortion.

  • The LED shows output current and voltage, system working status and protection indication. New dust-proof design, the interior is compact with good appearance.

  • Variety of protection and the linkage signal interlock

    Leakage circuit breaker switch

    Shaker over-displacement, overheating, leakage, heat exchangers

    Amplifier overheating, over-voltage, over-current

    Fan and pump overload

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