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Therml Vacuum Climatic Chamber

The thermal vacuum chamber is used to test the atmospheric pressure resistance performance of materials in various climatic environments. It is suitable for testing in electronics, instruments, auto parts, chemicals, and other industries.
  • Heat sink temperature range: -70~150℃
  • Working pressure: ≤1.3×10-3Pa
  • Ultimate pressure: ≤5×10-5Pa
  • Can achieve the simulation of the cold and black environment
  • The temperature measurement system can accomplish the data monitoring and recording during the test process
800 Series1000 Seies1200 Series
Temperature Performance Parameters
Heat Sink Temperature Range-70~150
Base Plate Temperature Range-70~150
Heat Sink Average Temperature Change Rate℃/min≥2
Base Plate Average Temperature Change Rate℃/min≥2
Heat Sink Temperature Uniformity±2±3
Base Plate Temperature Uniformity±2±3
Pressure Performance Parameters
Ultimate PressurePa≤5×10-5
Working PressurePa≤1.3×10-3
Main Pump Pumping Timeh5
Simulate Loadskg101520
Main Pump
Low temperature pump
Oil Pump
High and low temperature magnetic pump
Backing Pump
Rotary vane pump + roots pump
Refrigeration Method
Mechanical cascade refrigeration (liquid nitrogen-assisted refrigeration)

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