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High Force Water-cooled Vibration Shaker

  • Usable frequency range: 2~2700Hz
  • Long service life and reliably.
  • Optional hydro-static bearing guide
  • Low cooling water temperature rise rate 
  • Improved cooling efficiency 
  • High-strength dynamic structure design of armature

The water-cooled electric shaker is a high-performance vibration test equipment, which is widely used in the vibration test and reliability test of electronics, machinery, instrumentation, aerospace, ships, automobiles and other fields. It has the characteristics of controllability, stability and reliability.

The water-cooled electric shaker adopts a water-cooled cooling system, which can work for a long time, and has the characteristics of high precision, high stability, low noise, etc. It can simulate the vibration under various working conditions, such as impact, vibration, pulse, vibration, etc., and can simulate the vibration test under various complex environmental conditions.

The control system of water-cooled electric vibration shaker adopts advanced computer control technology, which can realize high-speed, high-precision, and high stability vibration control, and can set and adjust various vibration parameters through computer control. At the same time, it also has the functions of data acquisition, storage, analysis, etc. It can monitor the working state of the vibration shaker in real time, and process and analyze the vibration test data.

The water-cooled electric vibration shaker has a wide range of applications, and can be used in various vibration tests and reliability tests, such as the vibration tests of electronic products, aerospace products, and automotive parts. It is a high-end vibration testing equipment with high reliability, convenient use and stable performance.

Usable Frequency Range (Hz)2~27002~27002~25002~25002~22002~2200
Rate Force (kN)63.778.498117.6156.8196
Shock Force (6ms) (kN)(63.7×2)(78.4×2)(98×2)(117.6×2)(156.8×2)(196×2)
Max Acceleration (sine) (m/s²)980980980980980980
Max Velocity (m/s)222.00☆2.00☆2.00☆2.00☆
Max Displacement (mm)51★51★51★51★51★51★
Effective Armature Mass (kg)6580100100160180
Armature Diameter (фmm)445445560560640640
Cross-axial Allowable Eccentric Monent (N×m)49004900980098001200012000

Notice: ★means this system's displacement can expand to 76mm(p-p), ☆means the velocity can expand to 2.5 m/s,

※ means this system can be triple shock force.

Please see attachment in Download section for more models and information.

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