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HALT HASS Climatic Chamber

Accelerated test refers to the failure of the product under the premise of ensuring that the product failure mechanism is not changed.
By strengthening the test conditions, the test product can be accelerated to failure, so as to obtain the necessary information in a short period of time to evaluate the reliability or life index of the product under normal conditions, and quickly find out the cause of the failure of the product through the accelerated test.

HALT is mainly used in the product development phase to detect weak points in product reliability at an early stage. The stress applied is much higher than the stress of the product during normal transportation, storage and use. HALT is a continuous process consist of testing, analysis, verification and rectification.

  • Quickly discover products' design weakness and destruction limit

  • Analysis and improve products' designing limits

  • Reduce time and cost of research and development

  • Eliminate the design weakness before manufacturing

  • Provide the basis for continuous evaluation of product improvement

HASS is applied to the production phase of the product to ensure that all improvements found in HALT are implemented. HASS also ensures that no new defects are introduced due to changes in production processes and components.

  • Optimize product design and production processes

  • Improve products' quality and reliability

  • Reduce products' early failure rate

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