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DC Series Standard Force Vibration Shaker

  • Lower stray flux density 
  • High payload capacity
  • Lower resonance frequency
  • High first-response frequency
  • Lower resonance frequency
  • Convenient repair and maintenance
  • Full range of protection function

The universal air-cooled vibration shaker is an experimental equipment used to simulate the vibration environment, which can be used for vibration, shock, and other tests. The equipment is mainly composed of shaker, controller, air cooling system, sensor, etc. It has the characteristics of wide vibration frequency range, adjustable amplitude, stable operation, etc.

The tested object can be placed on the shaker, and the shaker can be adjusted by the controller to make it move according to the predetermined vibration frequency and amplitude. At the same time, the sensor can monitor the movement state of the shaker in real time and the change of the tested object in the vibration process.

The air cooling system of the universal air-cooled vibration shaker uses fans for heat dissipation, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the equipment and improve the service life and reliability of the equipment. In addition, the equipment also has automatic fault diagnosis and alarm functions, which can detect and eliminate faults in time.

The equipment is applicable to many fields, such as aerospace, automobile, electronics, military industry, etc., and can be used to test vibration fatigue, structural strength, environmental adaptability, etc.

Air-cooled Vibration Shaker

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