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DC Series Standard Force Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker

  • Lower stray flux density 
  • High payload capacity
  • Lower resonance frequency
  • High first-response frequency
  • Lower resonance frequency
  • Convenient repair and maintenance
  • Full range of protection function

The universal air-cooled vibration shaker is a kind of test equipment used to simulate environmental vibration such as earthquake, wind, sea waves, etc. It can carry out vibration tests on various physical structures in the laboratory to evaluate their behavior and response in the actual environment.

The equipment is composed of shaker body, air cooling unit, electric drive mechanism and control system. The shaker body is composed of the shaker platform and the shaker support, on which an electric drive mechanism and the shaker platform are installed. There is a fixed test work piece fixture on the shaker platform to clamp the physical structure to be tested. The air cooling unit provides cooling and heat dissipation for the shaker to ensure the stability and reliability of the shaker during the test.

The equipment has the following characteristics:

  • Wide vibration frequency range: the vibration frequency range from 2Hz to 5000Hz can be achieved.

  • High control precision: the control system adopts digital PID closed-loop control, with high precision and good stability.

  • Fixture can be freely replaced: the test work piece fixture can be freely replaced as required.

  • Easy to operate: The device is equipped with a touch screen control panel with a friendly human-computer interface, which is easy to operate and control.

The equipment is widely used in environmental vibration simulation tests such as earthquake, wind, wave, and vibration tests in aerospace, building structures, transportation, geological exploration and other fields.

Air-cooled Vibration Shaker

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