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DC Series Air-cooled Electro-dynamic Vibration Shaker

  • Good guiddance and anti-overturning ability
  • High payload capacity with center spring loading structure
  • Lower resonance frequency with air-spring trunnion isolation
  • High first-response frequency with light weight armature
  • Full range of protection function

The air-cooled electric vibration shaker from STI is a professional vibration testing equipment, which is mainly used to simulate the vibration situation in the real environment and conduct reliability testing and quality control of products. The equipment adopts air-cooled motor, with compact structure, low noise, high efficiency and long service life. At the same time, the equipment also has a variety of safety protection functions to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

The air-cooled electric vibration shaker from STI has the following characteristics:

  • It can be used to test a variety of vibration modes, including sinusoidal vibration, random vibration, shock vibration, etc.

  • High precision vibration test can be realized by using high-precision sensors and controllers.

  • The equipment is easy to control, and can be controlled through touch screen or computer, and the operation is simple.

  • The equipment runs stably and vibrates stably, which can meet various test requirements.

  • The equipment is compact in structure and small in floor area, suitable for various occasions.

  • The equipment has high reliability, long service life and low maintenance cost.

Usable Frequency Range (Hz)2~45002~45002~50002~50002~35002~3000
Rate Sine Force (kN)0.981.962.945.889.821.56
Max Acceleration (m/s²)490980980980980980
Max Displacement (mm)252540515151*
Max Static Payload (kg)7070120200200300
Effective Armature Mass (kg)22361022
Armature Diameter (φmm)110110150200240320
Cross-axial Allowable Eccentric monent (N×m)196196196300300490

Notice:   “*” means this system's displacement can expand to 76mm(p-p).

Please see attachment in Download for more models and informantion.

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