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DC Series Air Cooled Vibration Shaker

  • Lower stray flux density
  • High payload capacity
  • Lower resonance frequency
  • High first-response frequency
  • Lower resonance frequency
  • Convenient repair and maintenance
  • Full range of protection function

The universal air-cooled vibration shaker is a kind of vibration testing equipment with high precision and reliability, which can be used for vibration testing of various products and materials. It adopts air-cooled cooling technology, and can provide high frequency, large amplitude, low noise vibration test conditions to meet various test requirements.

The equipment adopts advanced digital control technology, has multiple test modes and control modes, and can meet various vibration test requirements. At the same time, it also has strong data processing and analysis capabilities, can monitor test data in real time, and provides a variety of data analysis functions.

The universal air-cooled vibration shaker is suitable for various fields, such as aerospace, automobile, electronics, machinery, etc. It can carry out a variety of vibration tests, such as random vibration, sinusoidal vibration, shock vibration, etc. It is a kind of vibration testing equipment with high efficiency, high precision and high reliability, which can meet various testing requirements.

If you need more information about the general air-cooled vibration shaker, please contact us, and we will provide you with more detailed information and technical support.

Air-cooled Vibration Shaker

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