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DC Series Air Cooled Electrodynamic Shaker



  • Wide Frequency Range:

   Air-cooled electric vibration shakers boast a broad frequency range, covering from low to high frequencies. This capability allows for comprehensive testing across different vibration scenarios.

  • Precise Vibration Control:

   These shakers are equipped with advanced control systems, enabling precise adjustment of vibration parameters such as frequency, amplitude, and acceleration. This precision ensures accurate and repeatable testing conditions.

  • Air-Cooled Design:

   The air-cooled design eliminates the need for external cooling systems, streamlining the setup and reducing maintenance requirements. This feature enhances the overall efficiency and ease of operation.

  • Durable Construction:

   These vibration shakers are built with durable materials to withstand continuous and rigorous testing. Robust construction ensures a long operational lifespan and reliability in demanding industrial environments.

Industry Applications:

  • Automotive Industry:

   Air-cooled electric vibration shakers find extensive use in the automotive industry for testing components such as suspension systems, engine parts, and electronic modules. These tests ensure the reliability and durability of automotive components under various driving conditions.

  • Electronics and Aerospace:

   In the electronics and aerospace sectors, these shakers are employed to assess the performance and reliability of electronic devices, avionic components, and satellite equipment subjected to vibrational loads experienced during transportation or operation.

  • Material Testing and Research:

   Research institutions and material testing laboratories utilize air-cooled electric vibration shakers to study the dynamic behavior of materials, helping researchers understand the impact of vibrations on different materials and structures.

Air-cooled Vibration Shaker

Please see attachment in Download section for more models and informantion.

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