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DC Series Air Cooled Electrodynamic Shaker

  • Lower stray flux density
  • High payload capacity
  • Lower resonance frequency
  • High first-response frequency
  • Convenient repair and maintenance
  • Full range of protection function

The air cooled vibration shaker from STI is a reliability testing equipment, which can be used to simulate the vibration environment of mechanical and electronic equipment during transportation and use. The equipment adopts air cooling system, which can realize continuous operation and long-term test.

The air-cooled vibration shaker from STI has the following characteristics:

  • High precision control system is adopted to precisely control the vibration frequency, acceleration, displacement and other parameters.

  • High quality shaking table is adopted, which can bear large load and vibration force.

  • A variety of safety protection devices are equipped to ensure the safety and reliability of the test process.

  • The equipment is compact in structure and small in space, suitable for various laboratory and factory environments.

The air-cooled vibration shaker from STI can be widely used in reliability testing and product quality control in the fields of electronics, aviation, aerospace, automobile, ship, medical equipment, etc. STI provides professional technical support and after-sales service to provide customers with high-quality testing equipment and solutions.

Air-cooled Vibration Shaker

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STI is a world-famous production reliability test solution provider with 50 years experience in the industry.





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